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What is a Lifestyle Lift? Lifestyle Lift is a term for a variety of facial-rejuvenation procedures offered at a cosmetic-surgery chain of the same name (shuttered in ). Founded in in Troy, Michigan, by ear, nose, and throat physician Dr. David Kent, the Lifestyle Lift company promised quick, low-cost mini facelifts or facial.

Lifestyle Lift uses lidocaine and oral sedatives before it beings the treatment. Sounds too good to be true? While Lifestyle Lift results are comparable to a facelift, the side effects and recovery period is only slightly shorter. There are over + Lifestyle Lift reviews on sites like Realself and ConsumerAffairs.

Mar 31,  · Lifestyle Lift tried circumvent these standards by having procedures performed in non-accredited offices under local anesthesia only. Lifestyle Lift created incentives with discounts for patients to schedule their surgery within a month of the initial consultation which can .

May 31,  · The treatment. I recently got to try this high-performance facial treatment, which promises instant results after the minute treatment. But for the uninitiated, what exactly does the AsterSpring Ultimate Lift Therapy entail? The new AsterSpring Ultimate Lift Therapy aims to lift, tighten, and firm skin. (Picture: AsterSpring).