If 18 year olds are mature enough to vote, why is the legal age of drinking 21? | Yahoo Answers - is 18 mature enough to drink


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May 18,  · Two numbers serve as milestones for young adults: 18 and At age 18, we are fully accountable for our decisions. We can vote, serve on a jury, Author: Mercury News.

Jan 26,  · year-olds mature enough to handle alcohol. Photo via Google Creative Commons License. year-olds are legal adults and should be allowed to drink. Amanda Kala, When teens know that they can’t drink at an event, that is when they drink large amounts of a stronger alcohol so that they can be drunk at the event.

Apr 27,  · Mentally mature? No one is mentally mature enough to drink, bottom line. The fact is though your body is not fully developed till the age of 26 and alcohol screws this maturity all to hell, so be lucky you get to drink at 21 eazye.info: Open.

Jul 13,  · In essence, an 18, 19 and year-old can do everything a year-old can do, except drink alcohol. Of course, no one can ignore that one benefit of .