A case of vulvar hematoma with rupture of pseudoaneurysm of pudendal artery - hematoma vulva


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Apr 24,  · Larger hematomas may cause: Pain and swelling. You may be able to feel or see a mass covered by purple- or blue-colored skin, Painful or difficult urination. If the mass puts pressure on your urethra or blocks your vaginal opening, Bulging tissue. Very large hematomas sometimes extend Author: Donna Christiano.

Symptoms of Vulval Hematoma A steadily increasing swelling to one side of the vagina. The swelling is tense and tender to the touch. The collected blood may cause the swelling to be purplish or blackish in color. The woman complains of severe pain, more so on sitting down. There may be.

Mar 15,  · Vulvar hematomas are uncommon outside of the obstetric population and may be the result of trauma to the perineum. Vulvar hematomas most often present with low abdominal pain and urologic and neurologic symptoms. The vulva has rich vascularization that is supplied by the pudendal artery, a branch of the anterior division of the internal iliac eazye.info by: 5.

List of causes for Hematoma and Vulva bruise, alternative diagnoses, rare causes, misdiagnoses, patient stories, and much more.