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Latex Allergy: Symptoms and Treatment latex allergies symptom

The best way to treat this type of allergy is to stay away from latex. If you’re exposed, get away from it ASAP. If your skin is red and itchy at the spot where you touched latex, or your nose.

Allergists are specially trained to help you take control of your allergies and asthma, so you can live the life you want. If you suspect you’re allergic to latex, the best thing to do is see an allergist.. People who are at higher risk for developing latex allergy include.

Continued Diagnosis. Doctors diagnose a latex allergy in people who: Have had symptoms of an allergic reaction-- like a skin rash, hives, eye tearing or irritation, wheezing, itching, or trouble.

Latex allergies are rarely life-threatening. The key to preventing the symptoms is to limit your exposure as much as possible. This can be easier said than done if you’re exposed to latex for work.