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Sister in-law EddieM41 January 30, | Views Yeah I know it is quite "taboo" to even think about having a sexual encounter with the sister of a wife but the pent up fantasy frustration has to come out somewhere.

My wife's sister, Amanda, and her husband are in the same situation but opposite. He is more like my wife and her sister is more like me. My wife and Mark, my bother-in-law, are both retired. They no longer face the day to day grind of heading out the door to face .

Incest sex story: Sister in law. Author: Thehab. Boring visit turns erotic. My wife doesn't like anal sex. We tried it years ago and it was too painful.

Read My Sister-in-Law Fantasy - Free Sex Story on! This is an account of my sexual fantasy's about my wife's sister, Linda Stevens, and her youngest son Grant, Linda.