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So are you bi-curious, or really a lesbian? Get a better idea here. This section has more than Am I Lesbian? quizzes, with more being added all the time. Most of the quiz creators – heck, probably all of them - created these tests because of their own curiosity and the insight they gained while exploring. You're in good hands here.

Jun 21,  · Do you agree with the majority? or Do you want to figure yet, where you stand? This quiz can give you a more sense of clarity if you haven't yet. Good luck and be true! Am I Lesbian Bi Or Straight? (Girls Only) Am I Lesbian Bi Or Straight? (Girls Only) More Am I Lesbian Quizzes. Am I A Lesbian? (girls Only Please).

I am lesbian I knew it of course but i took the test to see anyway some people get upset when they find out the test says their bi or lesbian but even though this test may be accurate you be you who you want to be all you girls rock Rate this quiz! Other tests. Am I A Lesbian? (♀) Am I lesbian? How lesbian are you? Are you a lesbian /5().

Am I a Lesbian? Top > About You > Identity. Comments. If you have ever wondered about your orientation, here is a quiz that might help you. Just answer a few questions, and you will have a better insight into who you are. Created by: Pat of Discovering Pride (your link here more info).