6 Struggles of a Girl Who Always Has to Pee - if a girl has to pee


What To Do If Your Partner Wants You To Pee On Them if a girl has to pee

21 Things You Only Know If You're A Girl Who Needs To Pee All The Time. Peeing in the shower is a daily routine. just so you don't have to do the embarrassing "I'm so sorry" dance as you.

It truly is a struggle being that girl who has to pee after every sip – Kudos to those of you who have strong bladders and can hold it in until you’ve arrived at your destination. For those of us who can’t, we’re busy doing the potty dance and breaking the law.

Oct 03,  · Best Answer: its means that you two are destined for each other, when she says "i have to pee" it doesn't mean her bladder is full and she needs to urinate nope its her way of saying "i love you" and that u should ask her out i mean girls don't ever say i have to pee for no reason usually has Status: Open.

Mar 27,  · This could even be an issue if you're peeing externally and you have an STI that could infect regular skin, like herpes or HPV. It's highly unlikely, but it's possible that traces of the virus.