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What Does the Bible Say About Masturbation? christian facts on masturbation

More commonly, Christians believe that “pleasuring oneself” through masturbation is about self-gratification and not about pleasing God. Most believers see their faith as having a God-focus, and that every act should be a way to glorify God. Thus, if masturbation is not helping to develop a relationship with God, it is a sin.

A Biblical Approach to Masturbation February 29, • Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra “My mother caught me!” lamented George Costanza, in an episode of the TV show Seinfeld.

I could take the easy road and just say, "If in doubt, don't do it." The fact is that many Christian women masturbate and feel horribly guilty about it. I've met women who feel more shame about masturbation than they do about having an adulterous affair. Yet the Bible is silent on the issue of masturbation and says a whole lot about Dr. Juli Slattery.

Masturbation doesn't fit within typical modern ethical concerns. It's not unsafe or cruel; in moderation it does not interfere with academic or economic performance, and it doesn't make your.