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I have been repairing radio equipment since the early 80’s in the days of the PMR conversion of Pye Westminster’s, and CB radio was in its infancy in this country, I later became interested in Amateur radio, and this lead to my repairing of amateur radio equipment.

HAM RADIO REPAIRS AMATEUR RADIO REPAIRS Alinco, Icom, Kenwood, Tokyo Hy Power, Trio, Yaesu CB Repairs (Citizens Band Radio Repairs) Cobra, Galaxy, Midland, President Uniden. Specialising in all types of equipment, radios, amplifiers, power supplies.

In the past I have been involved with component level repair and maintenance of a wide variety of analog and digital radio communications equipment and systems, for commercial, marine, avionics and amateur radio. At home, I’m an avid amateur radio DXer and currently spend .

REPAIRS – TERMS AND CONDITIONS PLUS GUARANTEE AND POSTAGE INFORMATION. I then worked for a marine electronics company repairing radar, sonar, echo sounders, VHF and HF ship to shore communications equipment, and just about anything else they threw at me. I’m also a licensed radio amateur, my call sign is G4NSJ.