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Anus. expelling or elimates solid waste. Oviducts/Ovary. storage of liquid bile and attaches to the liver. Nictitating membrane. allows the frog to see clearly underwater by shielding the eye. Mesentey. membrane that holds the coils together. Frog organs, part, & functions 32 Terms. kynalee_cabahaga. Frog Parts 22 Terms. auebersetzig7.

The anus is a ring that controls the expulsion of the feces. It is like another "mouth" at the end of the digestive tract. The anus is the passage of waste out of the body.

Apr 27,  · The key difference between anus and cloaca is that the anus is the opening of mammals that they use to excrete waste material from the digestive system while the cloaca is the opening of birds, reptiles and fish that they use to excrete both urine and waste material. Cloaca is the opening that excretes urine, faeces Author: Samanthi.

The frog may not have an anus but it has a cloaca that is like an anus but allows not just waste, but sperm and/or eggs to also pass through it. What is the function of the anus of an earthworm?