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St Luke Drawing the Virgin st luke painting the virgin

Saint Luke painting the Virgin, (Lukas-Madonna in German or Dutch), is a devotional subject in art showing Luke the Evangelist painting the Virgin Mary with the Child paintings were often created during the Renaissance for chapels of Saint Luke in European churches, and frequently recall the composition of the Salus Populi Romani, an icon based on the legend of Luke's portrait of Mary.

English: Paintings of St. Luke Painting the Virgin depict the Christian belief that Saint Luke was the first one to create an image of the Madonna and Child. These paintings were often commissioned as altarpieces for St. Luke chapels in European churches prior to the Protestant Reformation. The painter was often the head of the largest local painter's workshop, and such workshops loosely Depicts: Virgin Mary, Luke the Evangelist.

Oct 18,  · A popular account relates how in the 4th century St. Helena discovered an image of the Virgin Mary that was painted by St. Luke on a tabletop made Author: Philip Kosloski.

Depictions of Saint Luke painting the Virgin were themselves popular. The two examples here were probably painted within two years of each other, yet their styles are worlds apart—pointing to differing conceptions of the painted image in Byzantine and Western traditions.