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Anita Jane Bryant (born March 25, ) is an American singer and anti-gay rights activist. She scored four Top 40 hits in the United States in the late s and early s, including "Paper Roses" which reached No. 5 on the was also a former Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant winner, and was a brand ambassador from to for the Florida Citrus Commission which marketed orange juice.

National human rights advocates and gay rights activists supported the Dade County Coalition for the Humanistic Rights of Gays in a nationwide boycott of consumer goods, targeted at Florida orange juice. Some gay rights activists were concerned that the boycott could threaten Anita Bryant’s career when she had been acting as a private citizen.

Aug 20,  · History-minded queers probably already know the broad strokes: she was a model and singer of some kind, and eventually an orange juice spokesmodel, and then an anti-gay activist at Author: Benji Douglas.

Bob Green, was a onetime radio DJ who married pop Miss Oklahoma and orange juice spokesman Anita Bryant, managed her career and then followed her into anti-gay activism - which ultimately destroyed their careers and marriage. For more than 30 years Green lived alone full of hate and resentment blaming gays for all of his problems.