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Aug 05,  · I can't help it. I used to not really have an opinion about it, but for awhile I feel like they've been all over the place. Every week I hear some kind of news on gay rights, or gay marriage, etc. and I'm so sick of hearing it. I would not hate them so much if I didn't hear about it all the time, but it's kinda forced me to feel this eazye.info: Open.

May 12,  · A number of reasons: 1. Their religion mandates hating gays. Strangely, many do. People who accept their religion without question just follow along because they think if their god hates gays, so they should too. 2. Gay people destroy traditiona.

The history of violence against LGBT people in the United States is made up of assaults on gay men, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender individuals (), legal responses to such violence, and hate crime statistics in the United States of America. Those targeted by such violence are believed to violate heteronormative rules and contravene perceived protocols of gender and sexual roles.

“Wow, it’s alright that these people are gay.” “Wow, it’s alright for these people to get married.” “Wow, it’s alright for these people to raise kids.” I anticipate that this thread will have LGBT supporters all up in arms with their witty slogans to hurl at religious/otherwise anti-gay people.