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When Gay Games VI was chosen to be in Sydney, Australia it was partially because of already present GLQBTI sport teams. The aspect of Western sports and culture is integrated into the Sydney Gay Games due to the advertisement, emphasizing the turnout of GLQBTI men of Western origin and that had enough money for travel.

The Gay Games and its international Federation exist to serve the needs of athletes, artists, and activists. The mission is to promote equality for all, and in particular for lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people throughout the world.

the Gay Games, the world's most inclusive sporting event, and this documentary is an in depth look at the eight days, 31 sports, and 12, participants of the Gay Games VI-Sydney. This documentary is uplifting. The participants in--and the meaning behind-- the Gay Games are changing and reinventing both history and sporting events as a whole/5(5).

Intro: Sydney Australia was the host city for the fabulous sixth Gay Games and Cultural Festival held November , For a week the city was indeed at the end of the rainbow as athletes and spectators flooded stadiums and cafes with excitement and color.