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Jan 17,  · Tag: Dream Canyon Dream Canyon in Colorado. 17 January 17 January by αNaturist, posted in active naturists. We had a very short hike last summer in Dream Canyon, west of Boulder, Colorado, but it was clear why it was called so – breath-taking views awaited us there, and to add some more dreamy atmosphere, we hiked in the buff.

Dream Canyon's reputation is likely exaggerated, said Mike Smith, executive director of Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Community Services Center of Colorado. "I don't think it's all that well-known," Smith said. "I can't imagine all that many in the gay and lesbian community in Boulder and Denver going there." On Wednesday, Luke Addington and a female.

Apr 23,  · I came across this link about nudity in Colorado, and was wondering if these are actually true.I've been to the North end of Boulder Reservoir a number of times, and have never seen nudists/naturists. I'm curious because I've been looking for places to sunbathe in the nude, and was wondering if anyone has suggestions on places to go.

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