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Aug 12,  · Famous Face Test May Spot Early Dementia. Researchers say inability to name icons like Einstein or Elvis might signal primary progressive aphasia. From the WebMD Author: Healthday.

Sadly, dementia can pose a number of different issues with memory and facial recognition that are more complicated than my mother’s, such as the total inability to recognize their loved ones or the belief that they have been replaced by imposters (Capgras syndrome). In these more complex instances, there is not much that family members can do Author: Sarah Jane.

May 30,  · Home care for late stage dementia, Part 3: Bruising, skin care, exercise, massage, bedsores May 30, Dementia Care Notes Interviews with Dementia Caregivers, Volunteers, and Experts Persons in late-stage dementia are almost totally dependent, confined to a wheel chair or a bed, and have serious memory problems and physical complications.

Constant Scratching / Picking at the Skin. Many of the drugs prescribed for dementia patients – for behavioral problems, sleep aids, slowing down memory loss, and depression – can cause severe itching as a side effect. Other drugs commonly prescribed for older people, for blood pressure, prostate issues and many others, also can cause.