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Jun 15,  · There is no advantage or reason to choose a LS1 or LS6 if you don’t have an engine to start with. If you must have an early LS due to budget, and you plan to keep things OE — such as the cam and intake manifold, then go with the LS6. But if you own an LS1, than finding a used LS6 to swap in or pull parts from might not be a bad idea.

Jun 29,  · When you combine a stock-appearing C5 and 8-second time slips, you get our attention. The man is Mike Romain, and he owns one amazing C5 Corvette that has recorded several performance “firsts” with the car. Currently the car is the quickest and fastest A4 .

Jun 09,  · Not only do you want to upgrade your suspension with high performance parts, but you want them to be more durable than stock as well. For this article, BMR Fabrication sent us a “pallet full” of suspension components, with everything from street oriented components to their hardcore 8-second capable race suspension.