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Jul 17,  · I did find that great Jeffrey Marsh photo shoot, and this piece you have about transgendered wedding dresses. Most importantly, I found this post about Liz & Elly's wedding which is WONDERFUL! But still, that's only three posts, and I was hoping for more photos of real transfeminine people at weddings, getting married, or as guests.

People reports: Gabrielle Gibson never expected to get married, let alone be picking out a wedding dress at Kleinfeld’s on Say Yes to the now the transgender bride is making history as the first to appear on the original version of the show (a transgender bride was previously featured on Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta).. Gabrielle and her fiance Jaden.

June is celebrated in most areas of the U.S. as Pride Month. While we love to celebrate LGBTQ+ weddings all year round, we especially like to give some special attention to Pride-themed weddings during the month of June.. If you're planning a wedding celebration that .

Transgender Wedding (Legal Planning, Dresses, Ceremony Ideas) Weddings are always special for anyone and everyone in this world. The couple who goes into the entire wedding process not only involve themselves into a bond, but also their entire family and society. But if the couple belong to transgender community, the entire scenario Rachana Nagal.