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VKARSTK AR15 Thumbhole Stock Fixed For Mil-Spec Rifles - AR Stocks and Grips thumb hole grip for rifle rail

Versatile and easy to use, the Beretta CX4 Storm combines a tactical carbine rifle with the familiarity of handgun controls and a thumb hole style pistol grip. Tough, reliable and accurate, this.

May 16,  · It’s the Blackhawk! Rail Mount Thumb Rest for the AR This nifty little piece of gear radically transforms your grip. Since it’s rail mounted, and the thumb rest is off-center, you can use this in several different locations depending on personal preference and other gear you have on your rifle.

Bravo Company's KMR Handguard is one of the most popular lightweight for ends on the market. Pictured here with BCM KeyMod accessories.. The KeyMod attachment system has become widely popular among rifle enthusiasts as the firearm industry has searched for a new forend design to replace the standard MIL-STD "Picatinny" quad Drew Warden.

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