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Foam Latex Prosthetic Appliance Masks. upper and lower teeth. Prosthetic masks stick to your face and move with $; Demon / Devil foam latex prosthetic mask This Demon or Devil foam latex appliance would make for a great halloween costume. Ent foam latex prosthetic. With this piece you can transform into your own original.

PROSTHETIC BODY PARTS - PROSTHETIC WOUNDS FULL FACE PROSTHETICS - FAKE TEETH and HORNS Complete your character with a wide selection of prosthetics that include noses, ears, chins, horns and forehead and brow appliances, wounds and injuries.

But, prosthetic mask pieces are more than just false noses and chins. A half-face prosthetic mask can create a humanoid cat, or a full-face prosthetic can turn a young person old for the day. Whatever the effect, Chaotic Creations has the full, half, and partial prosthetic mask pieces to help you easily and naturally create your characters.

Jun 06,  · Ears, Noses, Scars & Wounds: Tips for Latex Prosthetic Pieces. Pointed elf ears, a crooked witch nose, cruel devil horns or a mean-looking open wound. For live action role players or movies and the theater. For Halloween or your theme party – our latex prosthetic pieces provide you with countless transformations. In just a few steps, you can /5(K).