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Every teen looks forward to getting their license, and every parent is equally as excited to watch their son or daughter grow up to face new experiences and challenges. Along with this excitement, however, there is an element of worry. Parents know that driving can be fun, that it can be liberating, but that it can also be dangerous. To ease this concern and establish a basis of trust, a.

I DRIVE SAFELY’s Parent-Teen Driving Agreement This contract is designed to be a mutually agreed by all parties involved, Parents AND the New Driver. By signing this agreement, both parties agree to obey all the rules and conditions stated in this contract. _____.

Today, we want to help make expectations clear and consequences consistent with iMOM’s Teenage Driving Contract. This is a way for your child to give their word on a teen driving contract that they will make the safe decisions and will serve as a constant reminder of what will happen if their side of the agreement is broken.

Drive only when I am alcohol and drug free Iagree to follow allthe rules and restrictions in this contract. I understand that my parents will imposepenalties (see below), including removal of my driving privileges, if I violate the contract. Ialso understand that my parents will allow me greater driving privileges as I become more.