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There are multiple components that can contribute to a clicking or grinding sound in your drive train in addition to the bottom bracket, including the chain, the pedals, the derailleur and the rear hub. That said, the symptoms you describe seem to indicate a problem with the pedal bearings or the bottom bracket.

Jul 03,  · Every time I turn the pedals, I get an annoying clicking noise from the bottom bracket/crank area. It only happens when under pressure - if I lift the back wheel and turn the pedals with my hands it is fine.

If you tilt the bicycle to one side and the other underneath you as you coast, or lean forward and back, the tension on the spokes will change and the noise may change. At low speeds, you may feel the bicycle lurch slightly to the side as the loose spokes get to the bottom .

May 30,  ·  Every mechanic dreads the moment when a customer comes into the store with a creaking bottom bracket. While the poor bottom bracket gets blamed for creaking, very often the cause is found elsewhere. In order to turn frowns upside down, a mechanic needs to go on a scavenger hunt. Checking off boxes and eliminating options.