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Treating Advanced Cancer treatments for advanced breast cancer

Continued Chemotherapy. Most women need chemo when they have advanced breast it's likely to be easier to handle than in the past. "Our aim is to keep the cancer under control for as Author: Gina Shaw.

If your doctor diagnoses you with advanced, HER2-negative breast cancer, know this: You have options for treating the disease. As you explore them, it helps to understand what it means to have.

Advanced cancer that progresses during treatment. Treatment for advanced breast cancer can often shrink the cancer or slow its growth (sometimes for many years), but after a time, it tends to stop working. Further treatment options at this point depend on several factors, including previous treatments, where the cancer is located, and a woman's Last Revised: February 1,

This is a review of common treatments used for advanced cancer. More details on treating certain types of advanced cancer can be found in our information on that specific cancer type. Making treatment choices. Treatment choices for advanced cancer depend on where the cancer started and how much it Last Revised: December 16,