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These boneless quail breasts (aka quail breast filets) are easy to cook and easier to eat than whole quail. Quail meat is enjoyed in a host of European, Middle Eastern, and even Southeast Asian cuisines, and pairs well with a variety of spices and flavors.

Place quail breasts into pan skin side down. Leave flame on high long enough for the pan to recover its heat, then turn flame down to medium or medium high. The object is to sear the breasts quickly so they stay rare but the skin is dark golden brown.

Quail Breast Tenders – 12 pound case packed in 1 pound bags. These are the one of our favorite items.  All-Natural, Boneless, Skinless, and great in so many different ways.  We have made them in stir fry, carnitas, al pastor, fajitas, and even with eggs for breakfast.

Quail Breasts. This is one of the 2 newest additions to our quail line. This Bacon Wrapped Quail Breast is completely boneless. The quail is marinated before being hand wrapped and individually frozen. There is no toothpick so it must be baked, grilled, or fried FROM FROZEN in order for the bacon to not fall off.