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Mammogram Images: Understanding Your Results mammogram images of breast cancer

A mammogram can help a doctor to diagnose breast cancer or monitor how it responds to treatment. Fatty breast tissue appears grey or black on images, while dense tissues such as glands are Claire Sissons.

Mar 27,  · A mammogram is a type of X-ray of the breast. Your doctor may order a screening mammogram as a routine check. Routine screenings are an Author: Ann Pietrangelo.

Nov 02,  · Breast cancer is the uncontrollable growth of malignant cells in the breasts. It’s the most common cancer in women, although it can also develop in men. The exact cause of breast cancer is Author: Valencia Higuera.

Mammography uses X-rays to create images of the breast. These images are called mammograms. Learn more about mammograms.. Learn about getting a mammogram.. Mammography images. Like other X-ray images, mammograms appear in shades of black, gray and white, depending on the density of the tissue (see images below).. Very dense tissue, like bone, shows up as white on an X-ray.