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Cabbage Leaves for Engorgement by Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC; Cabbage Leaves for Prevention and Treatment of Breast Engorgement by Sandra Smith, MPH CHES “Juice Jar” breast pump. This simple pump can be useful to help with engorgement, and to draw the nipple out when baby is .

Cabbage leaf therapy, although quite unusual, does help with relieving breast engorgement. What you must remember is that this only provides temporary relief. It will not cure breast engorgement. To get rid of engorgement, you must frequently empty your breastmilk through feeding your baby or pumping.

Breast engorgement is a painful and unpleasant condition affecting large numbers of women in the early postpartum period. During a time when mothers are coping with the demands of a new baby it may be particularly distressing. Breast engorgement may inhibit the development of successful Cited by:

Discard the outer, possibly sprayed, leaves of a head of green cabbage. (Red cabbage could stain.) Now peel off one or more leaves, tear out the hard vein if you like, crumple each leaf gently in your hand, and put the leaves on your breast (not over your nipple). They should feel nice and cool, and can be held in place with a bra or shirt.