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Sep 03,  · The latex examination glove in those days was wanting in quality on barrier properties against infection. The glove dipping machine and dipping technology was in its early stage of development and latex glove dipping was a fledgling industry. Furthermore, regulatory.

Once again, glove manufacturers scramble to respond to justifiable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scrutiny and directive to reduce levels of extractable proteins from the latex product. Glove makers began processing latex more carefully and modified glove dipping lines to include post leaching after the on line curing stage of the process.

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Latex Dipping Stage. Glove Formers Being Dipped To Form Exam Gloves. The formers are dipped into the latex mixture and will eventually travel through a series of ovens to dry the gloves. The latex mixture will have different formulations depending on the brand of exam gloves being made.