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Jan 29,  · Here are some tips for masturbation during your period: Lubricant helps. Touching, pressing, or massaging your genitals with your fingers, or with an object such as a sex toy, can be sexually satisfying and can lead to orgasm. Arousal fluid, personal lubricant (lube), and/or menstrual blood can help make masturbation a more pleasurable experience. But before you start, be sure to Author: Clár Mcweeney.

Jun 11,  · A lot of women fear menstruation masturbation because they think it will be too messy. Of course, it ’s always a good idea to keep a towel on hand if you’re masturbating on your period. If you masturbate while lying down, place the towel beneath you to protect your sheets. Consider using a dark-colored towel, since it won’t stain as Anna Klepchukova, MD.

I'm on my period and I want to masterbate, what do I do? By Guest | posts, last post over a month ago. I'm 13 and I masturbate too and it sucks during my period! So what I do is just rub your clit while humping a pillow? I'm on my period, and I still want to masterbate, what do I.

Period masturbation is delightful and I really mean that. Many women find themselves extra horny whilst on their periods and many women think it’s too ‘messy’ to get into it and orgasm.. The great thing is, if you don’t mind maybe a ‘teensy’ bit of mess, you will be fine and the pleasure from masturbating whilst on your period is out of this world Vorgasms.