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The How-To Geek Guide to Cleaning Your LCD Monitor Screen clean monitor breast swf

Nov 28,  · To clean a computer monitor or LCD screen, start by turning off the monitor so you can see the dust and dirt more easily. Then, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth, like a cotton T-shirt or a microfiber towel, to dust the screen in slow, circular motions.

Mar 29,  · How to Clean a Computer Monitor. Dirt, fingerprints, and unsightly scratches can make a monitor unpleasant to use. It's important to use a gentle cleaning method, as monitors are made with a type of plastic than can be easily scratched by Views: K.

Oct 20,  · Cleaning Your Computer Monitor Screen. .. Anyone who's has ever owned an aquarium knows that you have to clean the glass on the inside, sooner or later. Some people use to do that with a brush that is held to the glass by a magnet on the outside.

Jul 05,  · Whether you’re trying to get the dust off your monitor or your kid’s fingerprints off your gorgeous new HDTV set, removing dust, dirt, and oil from the plethora of screens around you requires the right tools and the right touch. Read on as we show you how to safely clean your expensive Jason Fitzpatrick.