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Jul 25,  · In younger patients the breast tissue is fibrous and dense. This contributes to the firmer and often perkier breast appearance we have in our youth. As we age, this tissue weakens, atrophy's, and/or becomes a more fatty consistency - ultimately causing support changes in the breasts that lead to a more deflated and/or droopier appearance.

Feb 22,  · Some people do get shrinkage, on the other hand some people get breast lyphedema and so they get swelling. I wouldn't worry your girlfriend about it. If she had a lumpectomy she needs the radiation. period. and the final size of the treated breast won't be known until everything settles down many months from now.

May 09,  · Breast shrinkage can be caused by a number of reasons, some being more severe than others. It’s valuable to know the history behind what is potentially affecting your breasts to get a true understanding of the answer you are looking for.

Dec 07,  · The “shrinking” breast is a subtle pattern that has not been previously described and may represent a specific marker for invasive lobular carcinoma. Figure 2A. year-old woman with invasive lobular carcinoma of the left breast. In , CC views of Cited by: 5.