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In the early stages of pregnancy, some women notice clear breast discharge coming from their nipples. In the later stages of pregnancy, this discharge may take on a watery, milky eazye.info: Hilary Parker.

Generally, any discharge that occurs all by itself in a woman who is not pregnant should be evaluated by a breast specialist. How will I be evaluated for nipple discharge? Your physician will give you a clinical breast exam, ask about your personal medical history, and probably order a mammogram and ultrasound to look for the source of the.

Black discharge from breast carol So I don't know what this is. I have an appointment scheduled later this week, but am a little concerned. My youngest daughter is 6 years old and since then if I stimulate the nipple (squeeze) a little bit of a discharge comes out, from both breasts. Last night I did this just before my shower and.

Nipple discharge is the third most common complaint among women after breast pain or a breast mass. Up to 50% of women in their reproductive years can express one or more drops of fluid from the breast. Nipple discharge is seldom caused by a malignancy. Nevertheless, it does raise the concern about two uncommon but serious conditions.