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Breastfeeding and breast abscess • abscess breast incision

Jun 10,  · Incision & Drainage of Breast Abscess For incision and drainage (I&D) of breast abscess, select Mastotomy with exploration or drainage of abscess, deep. For a diagnosis, consider N Abscess of the breast and nipple.

INTRODUCTION. A breast abscess is a localized collection of inflammatory exudate (ie, pus) in the breast tissue. Breast abscesses develop most commonly when mastitis or cellulitis does not respond to antibiotic treatment, but an abscess can also be the first presentation of breast infection.

Apr 03,  · An incision is made on the breast over the abscess and a sterile instrument is inserted to break open small pockets of pus The pus is allowed to drain; the incision may be enlarged to irrigate the abscess cavity before packing it with wet gauze dressing inside and dry gauze outside.

Currently the initial treatment policy is ultrasound guided drainage. A small incision is given in breast abscess. The abscess is break up and pocket of pus drained. The area is washed out with saline. If the abscess is situated in any quadrant of breast other than lower quadrant, it is drained by radial incision. Abscess in lower quadrant is Author: Ahmad.