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The sperm chromatin dispersion (SCD) test determines the capacity of the sperm chromatin (genetic material) to disperse, which helps in identifying sperm DNA fragmentation (sperm DNA damage). The greater the size of chromatin dispersion, the less the extent of the DNA fragmentation. Sperm DNA is contained in the sperm head.

Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA) Sperm chromatin structure assay (SCSA) The sperm chromatin structure assay (SCSA) is a new diagnostic tool that can detect sperm samples that have a high degree of DNA fragmentation (small breaks in the sperm chromosomes).

Nov 08,  · So far, the test that has been found to have the most stable clinical threshold values in relation to fertility is the sperm chromatin structure assay (SCSA), a flow cytometric test that measures the susceptibility of sperm DNA to acid-induced DNA denaturation in situ. Sperm DNA fragmentation as measured by SCSA has shown to be an independent predictor of successful pregnancy in first Cited by:

We herein describe the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD) test, a novel assay for sperm DNA fragmentation in semen. The SCD test is based on the principle that sperm with fragmented DNA fail to produce the characteristic halo of dispersed DNA loops that is observed in sperm with non-fragmented DNA, following acid denaturation and removal of nuclear eazye.info by: