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Paula Abdul Talks About ‘Possibly Moving On’ From Idol In a new interview with Nightline host Cynthia McFadden set to air Thursday ( p.m. ET, on ABC), the Idol judge explains, “This is my last season under contract,” but plays it cagey when asked directly if she will sign on for another season.

Jun 06,  · ‘Hey Paula’ will show Abdul’s ups and downs. “I worked my ass off. My ass off, Jeff! I put way more thought and care into it than anyone could. and when you work this hard to be in.

Jul 02,  · i never watched that tranny mess of a show ("hey, paula!") but kathy griffin did an impersonation of paula in one of her standup routines and I. Fell. Out! Lovez! "I'm tired of people not treating me like the gift that I am." -- Paula Abdul Editor's note: MoonKween's off work today, therefore she's buggin' the crap out of all of her fave bloggers.

Nov 04,  · Paula Abdul's been getting in touch with her spirituality and the gym! The former "American Idol" judge recently traveled to Israel where she's been soaking up .