I saw my son masturbating. How do I talk to him about it? - father tells son about masturbation


My Father Showed Me How to Masturbate - Ask the Therapist father tells son about masturbation

A Dad Talks with His Son about Masturbation February 22, by Paul Tautges This is the third and final installment from a new book by Jay Younts, Everyday Talk about Sex and Marriage: A Biblical Handbook for Parents.

Is it normal for a son to experience jerking off with his dad? + Favorite. 77% Normal to find out about masturbation by myself, no one showed me how to masturbate, when I found out I was gay he decided to tell me he will never talk to me again that was about 3 years ago. no longer a taboo for a dad and son to learn proper.

May 08,  · So I started masturbating when I was about One time I was talking to my dad about–I was going through puberty so we talked about sex and body changes a .

I also realized that I need to respect my son's privacy, as I would want him to respect me. I didn't tell him anything about what happened, and I'm not. I will talk to him about masturbating and the temptations that come with it, but I'm not going to tell him it's wrong. I really appreciate you for helping me realize my duty as a father.