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May 26,  · In the Southwest, the illegal immigrant population is largely Hispanic. While not all Mexican, many are and people tend to generalize Hispanics as "Mexican". This gives Hispanics a bad connotation, being thought of as illegal immigrants. Henc.

Jul 12,  · I've seen it in the internet, in the streets, in schools and my community. So someone, maybe another Mexican- tell me why do some Mexicans hate Asians, if you disagree about my question then you should search for your own to know, Mexico has some good people but I guess the other some "the red neck" kind of population of mexicans- do provoke on hate, im not being racist or anything, but Followers: 1.

Aug 19,  · I get asked that question and various riffs on it like “why do Asians hate black people?” and “why do Asians only stick with other Asians?” all the time. While these questions may seem rude, I take them seriously, not least because they contain seeds of .

via Flickr – simpleinsomnia. At the Oscars, Chris Rock, who ironically made it a point to address the lack of diverse representation at the awards ceremony, also made an insensitive joke that played to Asian American stereotypes and child labor.