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For the Columbian mammoth, M. columbi, the diet was mainly grazing. American Columbian mammoths fed primarily on cacti leaves, trees, and shrubs. These assumptions were based on mammoth feces and mammoth teeth. Mammoths, like modern day elephants, have hypsodont molars. These features also allowed mammoths to live an expansive life because of Class: Mammalia.

Dec 22,  · Thousands of years ago, an elephant-like creature called the woolly mammoth roamed Earth. Except for fossilized bones and remains found trapped in ice, it's now gone. Scientists have long wondered whether the extinct mammoth is more closely related to today's African elephant or Asian eazye.info elephants and woolly mammoths share a common ancestor that lived about 6Author: Emily Sohn.

These features were not present in juveniles, which had convex backs like Asian elephants. Another feature shown in cave paintings was confirmed by the discovery of a frozen specimen in , an adult nicknamed the "Middle Kolyma mammoth", which was preserved with a complete trunk eazye.info: Mammalia.

Dec 20,  · Geneticists have sketched out the woolly mammoth's family tree using ancient DNA found preserved in Siberia. The extinct beasts are more closely related to Asian elephants than to African.