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Southeast Asian countries present economic, cultural and political conditions that have varying effects on the reform and implementation of anti-corruption efforts in healthcare systems. The most common corrupt practices in the health systems of several of Southeast Asian countries are nepotism, mismanagement of resources, capture of the sector by pharmaceutical and medical providers, bribery.

Jan 12,  · A majority of Southeast Asian countries rank low on corruption perception worldwide because officials ask for gifts to move business processes along. But Author: Danielle Keeton-Olsen.

Feb 22,  · Cambodia remained the most corrupt country in Southeast Asia in the Corruption Perception Index , the annual global graft ranking compiled by Transparency International, and it ain’t getting better. The country dropped from rank in .

Aug 10,  · They are ALL corrupt to some extent, but some are worse than others, of course. The PM of Singapore probably makes about US$1,, per year, whereas the PM of Thailand probably makes about US$ , Low salaries and being in positions of ext.