Syllabus | Introduction to Asian/Asian American Studies - class syllabus for asian americans


class syllabus for asian americans

Syllabus. Asian/Asian American Studies C: Introduction to Asian/Asian American Studies The second moves into our contemporary moment and focuses much more on representations of Asian Americans in popular culture, mass media and technology, and sport. sports, food, and popular culture. Because the second half of the class focuses on.

Click the links below to download PDF copies of recent AASP course syllabi. Spring AAS Introduction to Asian American Studies; AAS Cultural Psychology.

ASAMST W20AC Course Syllabus. Fall Asian American Studies W20AC, UC Berkeley, Fall 8. status of Asian Americans, the interrelationship between the Asian American community, nation and What is the significance of race and class in neighborhood formations? Asian America. Chapter 3—Arrival and History.

How might we view Asian Americans as a group produced through spatial contestations, imaginaries, and conflicts. Contextualize the ways space informs Asian American history, using course texts to demonstrate that you have read and understood class materials. Using a minimum of 6 essays (you can mention lecture examples as extra).