Asian Vine Snake Care Sheet - asian vine lizard


asian vine lizard

Asian Vine Snake Quarantine. After purchasing an Asian vine snake, allow an acclimation and quarantine period. During this time, it’s important to address any potential parasite load that the snake is likely to have. Due to a diet that consists largely of lizards, there is a substantial chance of a sizable parasite load, both internal and.

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Houttuynia cordata, also known as fish mint, fish leaf, rainbow plant, chameleon plant, heart leaf, fish wort, Chinese lizard tail, or bishop's weed, is one of two species in the genus Houttuynia (the other being H. emeiensis).It is a flowering plant native to Southeast Asia. It grows in moist, shady Saururaceae.

Jan 14,  · Hey Does anyone know anything on the care, feeding, etc of Asian Vine Snakes. They are fascinating and are very pretty. Anything goes! Feel free to post pics if you have any yourself!