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I am too hairy to be a twink. While twinks are busy shaving their arms, legs, pitts, chests, pubes and asses, I am -- generally -- letting it be. I clean up from time to time, if you know what I mean, but for me body hair is nice. I Also don't care for the whole eyebrow grooming. I don't have a unibrow so I don't need to worry about Albert Serna Jr.

Sep 14,  · A Year-Old Twink Tells All. So you can say with certainty that not all twinks are as slight of mind as they are of body? with an array of unselfconsciously eye-catching gender fuck drag Author: Michael Musto.

EvonCook. No, No, No, I was mistaken –got my Francos mixed up, so used to this site promoting James! I can’t tell them apart or keep them straight unless I am looking at their dicks real close up!Author: Matthew Tharrett.

Twink code. Like other "codes", such as the bear code, the twink code is a set of symbols using letters, numerals, and other characters commonly found on modern, Western computer keyboards, and used for the describing and rating of twinks.