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Aug 25,  · Top 8 Places to Take an Extended Stopover. Updated August 25, Stopovers make trips better. When traveling on around the world plane tickets some things are a given: frequent flyer miles, lower back pain, and stopovers at airports. Since all long flights can't be non-stop, you'll need to connect somewhere.

Oct 26,  · Free stopovers are not guaranteed, but on many routes it's not difficult to find flights that cost little more the equivalent round trip. Stopovers can last between two and four days and include a "first night free" at the hotel of your choice as well as a 2-for-1 Author: Hopper Editors.

Just fly with an airline that offers free stopovers in their hubs, and you’re ready to go! The trick here is to use the “multi-city” search option when booking flights.; Another way is to mix and match airlines buying separate tickets for each leg of your trip. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Asia from the US, you can break up your trip by buying one ticket from the US to.

Asia Stopovers Get a Quote. Asia Stopovers. Get a Quote WHY STOPOVER IN ASIA? International flights to India can be long, and there’s often at least one or two airport changes along the way. Why not swap those extra layover hours for a few nights in a hotel, and a few days exploring an Asian city? It’s like two plane tickets for the price.