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Care tips for Asian vine snakes. Ahaetulla is a small genus of arboreal colubrids commonly referred to as Asian vine snakes or whip are mildly venomous and opisthoglyphous, meaning they have enlarged teeth located in the rear of the upper jaw (also known as rear-fanged).

Ahaetulla nasuta, also known as common vine snake and long-nosed whip snake, is a slender green tree snake found in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.. It is not to be confused with Oxybelis fulgidus, "green vine snake" found in Central and South Tamil, it is known as pachai paambu, In Marathi, it is known as shelati snake, among dozens of other Family: Colubridae.

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Nov 19,  · However, Asian vine snakes have one curious characteristic which separates them from American vine snakes: their eyes have horizontal slit pupils, similar to the eyes of a goat. There are nine species of Asian vine snake, most of which are green. Perhaps the best well known is the long-nosed whip snake, A. Lou Carter.