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Seventeen, despite what the name might suggest, is a thirteen-member boy group. The name Seventeen is taken from adding up the thirteen boys, three sub-units (hip-hop, vocal and performance) and.

With fashion bloggers such as Chiara Ferragni making it to Vogue‘s cover and BryanBoy being spotted at every fashion show, the world is recognising the social effects of this newly-innovated job scope. Driven by just passion for fashion and style, the Asian invasion is taking the cyberspace by storm.

Apr 23,  · Asian fashion bloggers are no longer a small, niche group but one of the dominating forces on the influencer scene. Aimee and Dani Song are frequently sitting front row at Home Country: NYC.

South Korea’s Seoul Fashion Week is fast becoming the one to watch for style-conscious readers in search of the next big thing. The Culture Trip brings you the Author: Julie Daunt.