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Veggie Delight, a leading manufacturer of frozen vegetarian burgers, has recently entered the Middle East markets. Based on its research, consumers in the Middle East prefer spicier burgers than in the United States and other countries. So the company alters the .

Entering a new market can be a gold mine for companies. However, if there are any missteps, it can also be a disaster. Here is a look at some lessons learned from famous market entry successes. These companies did it right, and others who wish to expand into new territories can learn from their.

Due to the growing popularity of Japanese anime in the United States, they entered the US market in Pokemon USA. Pokemon USA was created in to regulate all Pokemon licensing and marketing in the US marketplace. this company entered the US with the creation of Ezaki Glico USA Corp. in California in

For example, carrying out thorough due diligence on prospective partners and company employees, signing NDAs with partners and employees, and constantly monitoring the market for infringements are key practical steps a company, having already entered the market, can take to prevent its IPR from being compromised.