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Jan 29,  · Whether it’s used as an Asian marinade for beef, chicken, pork, tofu or fish, or as a dressing for vegetables, salads, or pastas, or even as a flavoring for rice, quinoa, or any number of grains, this is the ultimate Asian master sauce and is the secret to 5/5.

Sep 09,  · Today, I’m bringing you a recipe that I think you’d definitely appreciate. It’s quick, easy, and very flavorful. So, if you’re on the look-out for an Asian inspired marinade you’ll love this Quick Asian Beef Marinade. This marinade requires only a few ingredients and is perfect for marinating beef lion flap meat, skirt steak or flank Time: 5 mins.

Aug 16,  · Asian Sesame Beef Skewers. Each Canada Day, my family hosts a large BBQ and I have the joy of cooking plenty of meat. The grill and smoker are both going most of the day to make sure there is enough meat for everyone/5.

This marinade will definitely make for a better stir-fry, but if you don't cut the beef properly, the meat could ruin the dish. There are a few tips when slicing beef for stir-fry. First, when cutting the beef, it is important to slice it across the grain, which helps tenderize eazye.infoes: