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2 Answers. The Catholic and Orthodox churches most certainly appear to believe in the Virgin birth since they are proponents of her eternal virginity, and that has become a point of contention between Catholics and Protestants. I am unfamiliar with translations, other than The King James, New King James, and the Revised King James.

Jan 04,  · The Virgin Mary. In Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, Mary is the pre-eminent saint and the focus of much popular devotion. In recent years, Protestant Christianity has sought to recover the importance of Mary, even though it doesn't elevate her as highly as do other branches of the Christian faith.

Aug 15,  · In general, however, Mary plays a much less significant role in Protestant faiths than in Catholicism. In post-Reformation Europe, Protestants viewed Catholic devotion to Mary as excessive and non-Biblical. For many, that feeling has persisted over the centuries.

I believe it is the catholics. Catholic Answer: No religion worships the Virgin Mary, including Catholics. Worship is reserved for God alone. Mary is honored by Catholics but not worshiped.