ESL Trail: Bottom-Up and Top-Down Strategies (or Processing): What Are They Anyway? - top down and bottom up models


Top-down vs. Bottom-Up Object Database Design top down and bottom up models

If you start with behaviour or events, you can notice patterns and build up to a model or metaphor (called bottom-up modelling). Note, ‘up’ and ‘down’ are the key metaphors to attend to, since 'top' and 'bottom' are relative terms that change depending on your persepective.

Top-down methods were favored in software engineering until the late s, and object-oriented programming assisted in demonstrating the idea that both aspects of top-down and bottom-up programming could be utilized. Modern software design approaches usually combine both top-down and bottom-up approaches.

Jul 29,  · On the other hand, bottom-up forecasting may be ideal if you have a seasonal business model that experiences great variation throughout the year. While startups may want to use the top-down view to forecast revenue for investors, the bottom-up model is crucial for helping startups make smart budgeting and hiring decisions/5(16).

Jul 18,  · It recognizes the interaction of bottom-up and top-down processes simultaneously throughout the reading process. Reading as an active process that depends on reader characteristics, the text, and the reading situation (Rumelhart, ) Attempts to combine the valid insights of bottom-up and top-down models.