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May 21,  · Bottom navel piercing is not so common like other types of belly button piercings. Get more insights as to why it is the most feared as compared to top and horizontal navel piercings. Some body piercings involve more dangers and risks as compared to Janene.

Sep 22,  · What is bottom belly button piercing Unlike the typical belly button piercing, bottom belly button piercing is the perforation of the lower portion of the navel. Having a well-developed belly button anatomy gives you the scope for displaying an extensive collection of cool jewelry. As a matter of fact, many young girls get both their upper and lower navel pierced, one of the variations of.

Apr 17,  · Bottom Belly Button Piercing or Lower Belly Button Piercing A bottom belly button piercing is also given the name inverse navel piercing. It is made by making a hole through the lower rim of the navel as opposed to doing it on the top which is the regular form of piercing done on the navel.

Oct 16,  · Acritical look at the bottom belly button piercing, pictures, rejection, price, healing and after care. Bottom Belly Button Piercing Rejection When the body rejects a bottom belly button piercing, then the jewelry will move to the surface of the skin and finally come out. This might be much frustrating after having paid for a bottom [ ]4/5(1).