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Captain Cook’s Journal : CHAPTER 3. TAHITI. tahitian erotic rites and captain cook

During Cook's Second Voyage, Captain Cook and JR Forster estimated Tahiti's population as , to , persons. Although the book's subtitle suggests a focus on the European discovery of Tahiti, the volume is also a study of the Tahitian population in a way that no other book of which I am aware studies the people and milieu into which.

In , there appeared in Cook’s Log a photograph of the plaque on the Captain Cook monument at Point Venus in Tahiti. 1. The lettering is legible from the image, and reads, This Memorial erected by Captain James Cook to commemorate the Observation of the.

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Whereas the procedure was a puberty initiation rite in the Mangaia Islands (Cook Islands) (Marshall, ), in traditional Hawai‘i, it was a religious rite and de facto acceptance of the young male’s having reached a certain stage of life (Malo, , pp. ). Hawai‘i did not have any puberty rites .